Private Great London Pubs Tour

Have a drink in some of London's best pubs!

Our private great London pubs tour is led by a highly experienced tour guide who, in a past life, worked as a manager for some of the UK’s biggest and best pub companies including Mitchells and Butler, Fullers, and Youngs. Highly experienced as both a tour guide, and as a Publican, this tour offers you the chance to hear from someone who has pulled more pints than most and who knows the secrets of the pub trade from the inside. During the tour your guide will explain how beer is brewed, how it is stored and served, as well as reveal insights into the history of pubs, beer, and all things boozy! Along the way you will have the chance to experience the UK’s unique pub culture and question someone who was involved with it on a day to day basis.

Visit: (the tour includes, but is not limited, to the following locations)

Temple Brew House, is a unique pub as it is also a brewery! Believe it or not, all pubs used to brew their beer on-site, why? Well, we will explain all over a quick ‘pint’, as well as how London today has almost as many breweries as it did 100 years ago, and why pubs are so important to the nation.  

The Coal Hole, is famous for being the favourite watering hole of the famous actor Richard Harris who lived in the nearby Savoy Hotel. Whilst enjoying a ‘swift half’ your guide will tell you some of the almost unbelievable stories associated with Richard Harris, his drinking, and how after a night out in London, the famous actor ended up in the back of a police car thanks to a bucket of fried chicken!

The Nell Gwynne Tavern, named after the famous 17th Century actress and mistress of Charles II, Nell Gwynne, this pub is one of the most intimate in London. A favourite with local workers, theatregoers, and even the odd ‘celeb’ who has been performing in one of the nearby theatres, this pub is always a hit due to its quirks – which are almost as many as the lady who lends the theatre its name!  

The Harp, this charming pub is honestly our favourite pub in London! Regularly voted the top pub in London, many guides would rather keep this place to themselves. Luckily for you, we like to share. Packed full of locals, police from the nearby Charing Cross Police Station, as well as those in the know this pub is not to be missed. Due to the busy nature of this pub, we recommend that if a seat is available you grab it, otherwise you’re going to need sturdy legs (and a warm coat in winter!)

Gordon’s Wine Bar, Our tour finishes, not at a pub, but at London’s oldest wine bar, which we believe is too good to miss. Gordon’s wine bar, or simply ‘Gordon’s’ to its regulars, is a sight to behold and is an experience unlike any other in London. With barrels of wine attached to the walls and no beer insight, this bar is a wine lovers paradise. With food platters of cheese and meats which are perfect for soaking up all delightful drink you’ve consumed, Gordons is the perfect place to relax and spend quality time with good friends, good food and excellent drink. Once settled and soaking up the ambience of the bar, or its famous terrace our guide will leave you to enjoy yourselves. But don’t worry, the nearest tube station and taxi rank are just a few feet away from the entrance to Gordon’s.


Please note: while we will endeavour to ensure that you visit these premises, and others,  it might not always be possible on busy nights or nights when they are close. If a pub is unavailable another, equally interesting, premises will be visited instead.  

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