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There is only one thing worse than a boring tour, and that’s a boring tour guide. Spending up to 3 hours with someone who isn’t interested in the tour that they are delivering is hell on earth! In our opinion lip service is as bad as no service. That way we try to take time to find guides who are genuinely passionate about the subjects that they are delivering tours in and who can deliver an engaging and interesting tour. We also take time to ensure that our guides are trained to our strict and rigorous standards and insist that all our guides average 5 stars on all the reviewing platform on which we operate (Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor). For us the important thing is that you, our customers, have the best possible experience and meet tour guides, who we hope, will quickly become new friends.

All our friendly guides have big personalities and a bigger love of the tour subject that they are delivering. From passionate playwrights who will take you on tours of London’s Theatreland or around Shakespeare’s London, to local guides who know a city, its historic hotspots and its hidden gems, our guides are there to make history your guide to a tour you will never forget.

If your tour involves a driver and a guide we will ensure that both the driver and guide are fun, friendly and full of passion. All our drivers are professionals, and in London we only use licenced black cab drivers who are fully checked, know London’s roads and have been working with us and our guides for years. This ensures that not only will you have fun but will see your tour locations in the fastest and friendliest way possible.

At Tours of the UK we take great pride in our work and the fun, friendly and informed attitude of everyone who works with us. To help us deliver the most accurate tour possible all our scripts are written by a professional writer and are researched and cited using either the Oxford or Harvard citation method. This element of quality control enables us to keep our guides up to date with the most recent of information and means that you have peace of mind about what it is you are learning on the tour. That said our guides are always happy to share stories and anecdotes and explain how local rumours, when repeated often enough, can sometimes become accepted fact as ‘the truth never got in the way of a good story’

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Not sure where to send your email? Why not check our ‘Our Guides’ section where you can learn about the people that we work with?

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