Private Pottering Around London Tour – A Wizard Time in London.

We believe that Harry Potter changed the world. No book series before or since has had an impact on so many people, muggle and wizard alike. We know it changed our lives, it taught us to be brave in the face of evil, that no hero is perfect, and to stand by our friends. 

This magical Private Harry Potter Walking Tour Of London offers you the chance to see the filming locations from the Harry Potter film franchise, explore locations mentioned in the books, and learn more about the ‘boy who lived’ from a passionate Harry Potter fan.

Along the way, I’ll explain what parts of London inspired J. K. Rowling, how these places were transfigured into the books, and how the Harry Potter films re-energised the British film industry. There will also be plenty of opportunities to re-enact scenes from the films as well as stops for selfies, pauses for photos, and the chance to learn a little bit more about London in general. This tour is perfect for Potterheads, Squibs, and even Muggles!

The tour includes but is not limited to:


The Monument to the Great Fire of London The Monument to the great fire of London in 1666 is one of the most well-known landmarks in London. But what role did magic have in the creation of the fire, and what magical means were used to put it out? Your ministry of magic approved guide will explain all.

London Bridge from London Bridge, you can see the magical Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, and the pool of London. All of these locations can be seen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. While here, your guide will explain the movie magic that created the scene where the Order of the Phoenix fly down the River Thames and explain what the muggle film crew managed to get wrong and why.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Shakespeare’s Globe is seen very, very briefly in the Harry Potter films and is absent from the books. So why stop here on a Harry Potter Tour? Well, some sneaky bits of Shakespeare managed to work their way into the films, and several of the actors from the movie have performed here. Find out who on this tour.

Millennium Bridge Millennium Bridge is seen in the Half-Blood Prince in such a scary scene; we’d rather not talk about it until we’re safe across the river!

St. Paul’s Cathedral St. Paul’s Cathedral doubles up as Hogwarts. But why would a Church want to be linked to a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? And which part of this iconic building was used for filming?

King’s Cross Station no Harry Potter tour would be complete without a stop at Kings Cross Station home to Platform 9 ¾. Many visitors are shocked to discover that platform 9 and 10 look nothing like they did in the films. Fear, not young wizard! We know the secrets and will reveal them all at the end of our tour!

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