Private Day In Cambridge From London Tour

Private Day In Cambridge From London Tour

Explore Historic Cambridge, Home To One Of The World's Most Prestigious Universities.

We cannot wait to share beautiful Cambridge and its stunning colleges, beautiful pubs, and gorgeous views with you. Starting from Kings Cross Station your guide will meet you next to the statue of Sir Nigel Gresley at 09:30. After boarding your train you will have approximatley an hour to enjoy the counrtyside and conversation with your knowlegdable guide before arriving in the City of Cambridge. Whilst in Cambridge, you will explore Kings College and its awe-inspiring chapel, see an original copy of the King James Bible (one of the most important Christian documents in the world!), visit a pub which was popular with RAF crews during the Second World War, and learn how a group of Cambridge graduates, known as the Cambridge Spy Ring, almost destroyed the ‘special relationship’ that exists between the UK and the USA at the height of the Cold War! Taking in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the east of England, your guide will return you to London, making this trip stress free.

Visit: (the tour includes, but is not limited, to the following locations)

Cambridge University Botanic Garden We believe that the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens are a hidden gem in Cambridge, and we are excited to introduce you to this incredible garden. Established by the visionary John Stevens Hensley, who mentored Charles Darwin, this exquisite botanic garden stands out as the most enchanting collection of plants and wildlife in Cambridge. Situated just a brief stroll from Cambridge’s train station, the Botanic Gardens are a sight to behold throughout the year, boasting hidden treasures such as the renowned ‘Brick Tree,’ which your guide will gladly reveal as you explore one of Cambridge’s most serene locations.

For those who have a deep passion for gardening and wish to spend additional time here, your guide can adjust your schedule accordingly on the day.

The Fitzwilliam Museum is an exquisite assemblage of ancient artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and everything in between. Its establishment in 1816 was made possible by the generous contribution of a former Cambridge University student, and today, the museum caters to a diverse range of interests. 

During your visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum, your guide will provide you with a glimpse of their remarkable collection. Although time constraints prevent a comprehensive viewing, your guide will make every effort to showcase those portions of the collection that align with your personal preferences. Additionally, your guide will narrate a remarkable incident from the museum’s history involving a staircase, an unfortunate visitor mishap, and the subsequent restoration of half a million pounds’ worth of the Fitzwilliam’s invaluable treasures.

Regrettably, the Fitzwilliam Museum remains closed on Mondays, meaning tours scheduled for Mondays will not include this stop. Instead, Monday tours will use the extra time to explore more of the Botanic Gardens.

Fitzbillies Indulge in a quintessential Cambridge treat at Fitzbillies Bakery, renowned among students, academics, and tourists alike for its delectable Chelsea buns. Take a break, savor a cup of coffee, and enjoy a sweet pastry.

While you relax and rejuvenate, your guide will regale you with the fascinating history of this Cambridge institution, shedding light on how their Chelsea buns achieved such widespread acclaim.

Great St Mary’s Church. Dating back to 1205, which the current building was built after a fire destroyed the original building during the 15th century. This gorgeous gothic Church is unique given its status as both the University Church in Cambridge and a local parish church. One of its many curious features is that it has two church organs, one for the town and one for the ‘gown’ or university. Whilst at Great St Mary’s Church, your guide will reveal the Church’s fascinating history, including how its restoration in the 15th century was part-funded by two rival kings – Richard III and Henry Tudor. Our visit to this Church is also your chance to view an original first edition King James Bible. Finally, those of you who are willing to climb to the top of the Church’s Tower have the option to climb the 123 steps and gain majestic views of Cambridge and beyond. Tower entry is not included in the price of the tour and is an optional extra.

The Eagle Pub ‘The Eagle’ is where Francis Crick announced that he and James Watson had ‘discovered the secret of life’ after they had developed their idea for DNA. This historic pub, originally founded in 1667, was also where numerous Royal Air Force and American Air Force Crews had their final drink before heading off on missions over occupied Europe. Today it possible to find their names graffitied on the ceiling of the RAF Bar, which is where we will stop for a drink, a spot of Lunch, and the chance to rest your feet for an hour before continuing on our tour. If you are curious to try a local British beer, your guide will be happy to help you make a choice that suits your pallet and your choice of Lunch. Please note that the cost of Lunch is not included within the price of the tour.

King’s College King’s College was founded in 1441 by King Henry VI, known as the ‘royal saint’. Renowned for the fact that for 400 years, King’s only admitted Etonians and that its students graduated without sitting examinations, King’s is one of the UK’s most prestigious academic colleges with alumni including Alan Turing and Zadie Smith. At King’s College, we will be able to explore the gorgeous grounds of the College before entering Kings’ Chapel, which is one of the stunning highlights of this trip.

King’s College Chapel King’s College Chapel is one of the most stunning sites of Christian worship in the United Kingdom. Considered one of the finest examples of late Gothic English architecture and renowned for having the largest fan vaulted ceiling in the country, this breathtaking building is the highlight of any tour of Cambridge. Whilst at the Chapel, your guide will explain the founding of the College and the Chapel, why the College is so closely associated with numerous Kings of England, and why the College would not exist without the help of one of Shakespeare’s most famous villains – the hunchbacked Richard III. Whilst at the Chapel, you will also have time to explore on your own, view the glorious stained glass windows and admire Ruben’s The Adoration of the Magi, which now serves as the Chapel’s altarpiece.

Trinity College Trinity College is the largest and wealthiest of all the Cambridge Colleges. Founded by Henry VIII, it boasts over 32 Nobel prize winners amongst its alumni and both Sir Isaac Newton and HRH Prince Charles where also students here. At Trinity College, we will have a chance to see one of the apple trees descended from the tree that dropped an apple on the head of Sir Isaac Newton. You will also have the opportunity to view the great court and the fountain that Lord Byron famously bathed in, enraging the College’s officials. Whilst at Trinity, your guide will also explain one of the biggest scandals of the Cold War – that senior members of the British Secret Service had been passing covert intelligence from the British and Americans to the USSR. The Cambridge Spy Ring, as it became known, was one of the most significant espionage failures of the 20th century, with all 5 members of the infamous group being recruited directly from Trinity College! 

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