Private Sightseeing Walking Tour of Central London, Whitehall, and Westminster

Explore the best of central London on our 3-hour walking tour.

See the very best of central London on this wander through royal parks, past palaces, and their military guards, and down to the heart of British democracy. 

Starting in Piccadilly Circus, this walking tour takes in some of the most visited landmarks in Central London, Whitehall (home to the British government, and the Prime Minister), and Westminster (the seat of the British Parliament, the mother of all parliaments). Led by one of our passionate London guides, this tour shows you the very best of London. From Buckingham Palace where you will witness the Changing of the Guard*, to where royalty and Prime Ministers have shopped, to statues of our greatest leaders, this tour is a brilliant way to see the heart of London in half a day! 

Visit: (the tour includes, but is not limited to, the following locations)

Burlington House: Home to the Royal Academy of Arts, and several of the UK’s Royal Societies. Learn which Royal Society is the only one to include a fictional character as one of its honorary members! 

Drop into the cigar shop where Sir Winston Churchill bought his famous cigars, the wine merchant that supplies the Queen’s wine, and find out why there are no flower beds in Green Park! 

St James’ Palace, the oldest surviving royal palace in London. From here we will witness the start of the Changing of the Guard Ceremony* 

Trafalgar Sq visit Trafalgar Square and learnt how this London landmark got its name from the most important naval battles of the 19th century. Discover how Adml Lord Horatio Nelson defeated the French and Spanish fleets of Cape Trafalgar and Harry tragically died shortly after the battle had included. Whilst in Trafalgar Square, you will also hear how this central point in London has become the place to party, perform, and celebrate London’s rich diversity through events such as West End live, London pride, and various religious celebrations throughout the year.

Whitehall Whitehall is home to the British government, its various ministries, and the home of the British Prime Minister Downing Street. As we down Whitehall towards Westminster you will hear the important role that each of these ministries undertake, the history of some of the buildings, and how one building, in particular, was of national importance during the Second World War. 

Parliament Sq. from Parliament Square, you can see Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and the various statues of international leaders memorialised in Parliament Square for their contribution to global democracy. Leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Millicent Fawcett, and Sir Winston Churchill all have statues in Parliament Square. While here you will learn not just the histories of the famous buildings that surround us but also why these people have their sculptures in a place of national importance. You also hear why Parliament Square is usually at the heart of any national protest and what effect this has on them is a Parliament sitting in the nearby Houses of Parliament.

*The Changing of the Guard Ceremony is only available on tours booked to take place before 10 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between August and May; and tours booked to take place before 10 am every day in June and July. If you have any questions about the Changing of the Guard or anything else related to this tour, please feel free to contact us prior to booking.

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